Thursday, September 30, 2010

A YouTube Phishing site

A youtube phishing site has newly come into existance with URL

This link claims to be a survey to help youtube to understand the viewer/user feedback and a prize money of  $2741.88 to answer some stupid questions like your sex and age . So tricky that it nearly makes you think that its a authentic youtube site.

This is how it works,

A quiz of two questions sex/age and then click to claim the reward.

It then redirects you to

When the user credentials and certain personal data like the Creditcard details are collected as you are
redirected to

it is something similar which follows the same process of collecting your Credit Card details as you fill the details around 32$ will be charged from your CC 

Here is how the page looks like

Note : Stay away from such sites ....Google/Youtube never comes with such stupid offers!!!!

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