Friday, September 3, 2010


Skipfish [General Tutorial]

Start skipfish in Matriux

Code: (type following to check the various options)
./skipfish -h

Code: ( various options are listed )
tiger@tiger-desktop:/pentest/web/skipfish$ ./skipfish --h
skipfish version 1.01b by
./skipfish: invalid option -- '-'
Usage: ./skipfish [ options ... ] -o output_dir start_url [ start_url2 ... ]

Authentication and access options:

-A user:pass - use specified HTTP authentication credentials
-F host:IP - pretend that 'host' resolves to 'IP'
-C name=val - append a custom cookie to all requests
-H name=val - append a custom HTTP header to all requests
-b (i|f) - use headers consistent with MSIE / Firefox
-N - do not accept any new cookies

Crawl scope options:

-d max_depth - maximum crawl tree depth (16)
-c max_child - maximum children to index per node (1024)
-r r_limit - max total number of requests to send (100000000)
-p crawl% - node and link crawl probability (100%)
-q hex - repeat probabilistic scan with given seed
-I string - only follow URLs matching 'string'
-X string - exclude URLs matching 'string'
-S string - exclude pages containing 'string'
-D domain - crawl cross-site links to another domain
-B domain - trust, but do not crawl, another domain
-O - do not submit any forms
-P - do not parse HTML, etc, to find new links

Reporting options:

-o dir - write output to specified directory (required)
-J - be less noisy about MIME / charset mismatches
-M - log warnings about mixed content
-E - log all HTTP/1.0 / HTTP/1.1 caching intent mismatches
-U - log all external URLs and e-mails seen
-Q - completely suppress duplicate nodes in reports

Dictionary management options:

-W wordlist - load an alternative wordlist (skipfish.wl)
-L - do not auto-learn new keywords for the site
-V - do not update wordlist based on scan results
-Y - do not fuzz extensions in directory brute-force
-R age - purge words hit more than 'age' scans ago
-T name=val - add new form auto-fill rule
-G max_guess - maximum number of keyword guesses to keep (256)

Performance settings:

-g max_conn - max simultaneous TCP connections, global (50)
-m host_conn - max simultaneous connections, per target IP (10)
-f max_fail - max number of consecutive HTTP errors (100)
-t req_tmout - total request response timeout (20 s)
-w rw_tmout - individual network I/O timeout (10 s)
-i idle_tmout - timeout on idle HTTP connections (10 s)
-s s_limit - response size limit (200000 B)

For a general complete scan type:

./skipfish -o outputdirectory targeturl

and the output is listed in a very good webpage. like this

or check the video here

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Security Distribution Node Zero

Just another security Distribution into the list Node Zero Linux.

As the site says:

"NodeZero is Ubuntu based linux designed as a complete system which can also be used for penetration testing. NodeZero uses Ubuntu repositories so your system will be always up to date. The system setup is basic and it's primarly designed for disk installation and customization as you want."

Node zero is coming with a good set of tools for penetration testing and claims to be 300 applications based on penetration testing.

The UI of the desktop looks great with a very good eye catching theme .

Source :

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A little photography along the nature

At Munnar (Kerala)


I just came across conference on Malware
According to the site it claims to be the worlds first platform bringing together Malware and Information Security Researchers from across the globe to share key research insights into building and containment of the next generation malwares. Proving a hands on with the various Malware fields

A post on Infoworld quotes :

"MalCon organizers want us to believe that security community can benefit from an event showcasing and teaching malware"

The organisers of the conference came up with an idea looking onto the various conferences already existing with tags "security" "ethical hacking". And good to hear a new dimension coming up with malcon.
A platform bringing in all the malware coders.

The conference also puts on the Whitepapers under the CFP contest and also providing workshop and training on malware coding , analysis and reverse engineering. The conference is being held on Dec 2nd and 3rd . The first day being the training and Hands-on while the conference on the latter day

And rest details go on their site

Ethical Hacking @ TKR college n GRIET college

w3af at null Hyderabad meet