Thursday, July 21, 2011

Matriux Krypton Release announcement

Matriux has announced the release of Matriux Krypton its upcoming release, a post in their announcement read,

"Matriux Krypton Release

Matriux Krypton is set to release on August 15th 2011.

Matriux - a project that which launched its first version of Linux Distribution for Hackers, Forensic Experts and Security professionals first at ClubHack , Dec 5th 2009 which was a Ubuntu based KDE distribution code named Lithium with an interesting Arsenal ( application list) for the security professionals and forensic experts also announced a second version the next year at same gathering ClubHack 2010 Dec 4th code named Xenon a Gnome flavor based on Ubuntu, is now proud to announce a upcoming release code name Krypton.

Krypton is been a talk since then., because it is the first linux distribution that is going to be based directly on Debian featuring more tools, extra stability and security.

Features :

* Very own kernel 2.6.39 compiled with a greater support and stability., yes we mean it !
* More than 300 security tools,  however quality is given priority than the quantity.
* Forensics are not neglected , given an equal importance.
* The very first distribution based directly on Debian
* More stable
* More swift and easy
* Very own installer for easy installation of the Live CD. ( MID)
* Build update tool MUT ( Matriux Update tool).
* Lighter and better desktop environment with Gnome. ( LXDE to soon follow)
* Simple, however strong and elegant!
* Applications from Matriux team that help you in hacking!!

Behold the wait!!! For the fruit to ripe , you ought to wait !"

Official annoucement can be found here
Now its the wait till August 15th :)

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