Saturday, October 29, 2011

Setting Up Android SDK in Eclipse on Windows

This tutorial contains step by step procedure to Setup Android SDK on a windows machine.

Please read the prerequisites and installation requirements of each software before proceeding.

Download Android SDK from and install it . 

You can install any among the two types available .zip or .exe as the site says - yes it is preferable to download the .exe as which is easy .

After you install Android SDK download the latest Eclipse

Any among the following two are good for android basic development

Unzip the eclipse ( i consider that you can setup the eclipse path ...etc.,)

Start Eclipse and Install the Android Development Tools (ADT) by

Help >> Install new software.

and add the link  and name it ADT

Select Developer Tools and click next, if you get some error in the next step like org.eclipse.wst.sse.core 0.0.0

Do the following else skip to next step

1. Go to Help->Install New Software
2. Click on "Available Software Sites"
3. Set "check" on check box - (for helios - Eclipse 3.7)

Then again try installing the ADT

Just accept the license terms and Finish the installation of ADT it may show up few warnings regarding the plugin verification, accept it and restart Eclipse after installation

After the restart you would see a popup like this

Select the path where android SDK was installed or you can also install a new SDK if you haven't done that before, finish the installation and you should see the highlighted items in the toolbar of eclipse

That means you have successfully setup Android SDK in Eclipse

Now Click on Android SDK manager and select the Android platforms you want to choose for your development and install them as shown below

That is it !!!

Go ahead developing your android applications!

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