Monday, March 12, 2012

Ostinato - Wireshark in Reverse

This is a brief introduction on Ostinato, an open-source, network packet crafter/traffic generator and analyzer with a very easy to use GUI. Like it says, it aims to be reverse the ofWireshark. What could be done with Ostinato? Generate the traffic, craft and analyze Specify your own Hex Dump Create and configure multiple packet streams with stream rates, bursts, packets over multiple ports and computers using a single client Capture and view the packets alongside wireshark. Let's get started!! Ostinato can be found in MatriuxArsenal as Arsenal => Scanning => Ostinato
This starts up a GUI which is very quick and easy to use (Figure 2).
 Figure 2 

 Move around the port groups (either expand the list or create a new port group from the file menu) Right click over the column in the right side and create a new stream as shown in the figure below (Figure 3).
 Figure 3

  Click over the tools option and configure the packets to be generated. Go ahead and choose all the options you prefer. (protocols, data stream, source, destination).
 Figure 4 

Click OK and also Apply button over the top right corner of the window otherwise these settings would fail (Figure 5). 

 Figure 5 

 Now we are ready to go for generating the packet traffic. Click on the port you just applied and click the start button.. This will now start transmitting the traffic You can capture the traffic that is being transmitted my selecting the configured port group and clicking on the capture button (Figure 6). 
 Figure 6

 This traffic can be analyzed over wireshark by clicking the view captured files button over there (Figure 7).
 Figure 7 

 So I hope you go head and try all the options in the Ostinato tool and play around with it.

This article was published in CHmag as a part of Matriux Vibhag

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