About Me

---A Security Professional, Hacker, Designer, Programmer

Prajwal Panchmahalkar was born in Hyderabad, a city in AP,eleventh december of nineteen hundred eighty nine A.D, a saggitarian. From that day onwards, Prajwal has been in the late beta version ever since. Now he is a fully grown dude aged 22 years and pursued useless "BTech" from TKR Engg College. Currently going ahead with his Graduation (Master's) in Computer Science from Texas Tech University

During his pursuit of knowledge, Prajwal has spent School Days at the various schools around AP from Vijay High in Armoor then to St. Claret at Medchal, Hyderabad . After completing his useless Schooling from Siddhartha School, he joined in to be trained for IIT at Krishna Murthy's V study Circle and his current progression with IT includes MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT professional) and SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) and looking ahead to be a SCJD . Prajwal Panchmahalkar loves fooling around with computers and probably this is what got him into IT field.

Prajwal now feels proud to be a Network Security guy playing around with boxes and feels proud to MOderate the Hyderabad NULL chapter.He has attended various conferences like ISD,c0c0n and SuntechDays. Prajwal has also delivered awareness seminars on network security and ethical hacking at various colleges (GRIET, TKR) and various other events. Prajwal finds his interest in the Matriux Project and pleasure advancing with it 

He is now certified CEH v6 along with his past achievements being AFCEH, ACE. Prajwal finds pleasure in writing articles for magazines recently his article *METASPLOIT FRAMEWORK* was published in "DeveloperIQ" magazine , he is also looking forward to make into CHmag lately

Although Prajwal has not been lately into social life, he finds interest into it recently. he made up few vacancies for the standing "girlfriend" so if anyone finds her profile matching for the said posting can approach him either through mail or contact him directly....!!

Prajwal likes to listen music and his tastes range from the Indian Classical music to Metal and Rock. Prajwal lives on Enrique, Green Days, Rasmus,POD,Atif and JAL songs. Prajwal enjoys to dance, but he has no co-ordination in his body movements, his steps are not graceful and he has two left feet.
Orkutting, Gaming, Cricket and Biking are pastimes that Prajwal indulges in. Prajwal also likes to gaze at stars and many a night is spent at the rooftop looking at the sky and wishing to become an astronaut. Prajwal himself doesnt know what he searches for, in the stars. Fortune says Prajwal is destined to be a Doctor but Prajwal doesnt find it easy to do with his BTech in hand. Prajwal is a dreamer, although his philosophy on life is limited and he is still exploring his boundaries, his dreams have gotten him into trouble many times.
Prajwal is a citizen of India, that is Bharat and loves the country, but has radical views on politics and politicians. Prajwal loves to travel, exploring unknown places, especially in the hills. Prajwal hates pollution and heat. Prajwal is nocturnal, he is attracted to the night because it is mysterious 

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